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Comprehensive Land Use

As an urban and regional planner, we address issues such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and the effects of growth and change on a community. We formulate plans relating to the construction of new school buildings, public housing, or other kinds of infrastructure.

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Citizen & Public Involvement Programs

We collaborate with clients, stakeholders, partners and diverse project team members ranging from soil scientists to local agencies.  By setting specific goals and building consensus, we can ensure a successful process from design conception through implementation.

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Stakeholder & Meeting Facillitation

We are known for our thoughtful approach to planning and program development, focused on creating meaningful, managed stakeholder interactions and connecting our clients with key stakeholders.

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Who We Are

Planners for Environmental Quality (PEQ) is an Atlanta-based multi-disciplinary urban planning consulting firm.

Founded in 1992, PEQ Inc. is 100% minority female owned and operated, and is a certified DBE by many state and local governments as well as public agencies.

What we do

  • Comprehensive Land Use
  • Transportation Planning
  • Citizen and Public Involvement Programs
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Justice
  • GIS Data Analysis and Mapping
  • Urban Erosion Planning
  • Meeting Facilitation
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PEQ's urban planners create sustainable cities, towns, campuses, parks and transit-oriented communities. That’s why it’s so important to examine opportunities and challenges from every angle, and that’s just what we help our clients do!

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Email: [email protected]

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