We at PEQ promote the best use of a community’s land and resources for residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational purposes. We are involved in various other activities, including making decisions relating to establishing alternative public transportation systems, developing resources, and protecting ecologically sensitive regions.

Stakeholder Participation

Our stakeholder participation model includes a variety of means of raising awareness, identifying project objectives, and finding agreeing criteria and policy for building adaptive capacities.

Meeting Facilitation

Design and development of processes that encourages people to work effectively together on the agendas relating to environmental planning.  We help clarify the goals for your planning session so that they are clear, concise, meaningful and achievable.

Collaborative Services

We collaborate with clients, stakeholders, partners and diverse project team members ranging from soil scientists to local agencies.


Setting Goals...

By setting specific goals and building consensus, we can ensure a successful process from design conception through implementation.

PEQ Partners with the Community

PEQ is dedicated to unifying the region's collective resources to prepare communities for a prosperous future.

It does so through professional planning initiatives, the provision of objective information and the involvement of the community in collaborative partnerships.


Urban Planning Consultants

PEQ develops long and short-term plans to use land for the growth and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities, while helping local officials make decisions concerning social, economic, and environmental problems.